Haux Haux

According to the indigenous people of Acre (Brazilian Amazon) Haux Haux was the first sound emitted by the jibóia (anaconda). It is normally used by the pajés (shamans) when initiating and finalizing a song or healing work, as a greeting to the people and a greeting to the spiritual dimension. Over time “haux” has become a more flexible and commonly used term, meaning a greeting, a honouring, a confirmation or a thank you.


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  1. 19. December 2018

    […] I realised that the music I used before 2016 didn’t fit to my exploration in music anymore. I also delete my previous Library and sold any Vinyl. I build up a new library, with a big support from Sahaj Kaliman, with includes only Medicine Music and Electronic Music we are use in Gaia Kali Ceremonies. We called this style Deep Haux, because we used often Deep House and and Medicine Music. Medicine Music is connected with this Haux Haux. […]

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