The Reality of the Illusion

Thought may appear as clouds in the sky, but they never can describe sky itself nor deal with it. When is seen that you are the sky, the shape of the clouds does not matter, even to know that you are the sky.

You are what makes all objects knowable.

Sahaj said

Knowable objects are an illusion. When I follow this way, then I’m an illusion, everything else is an illusion, even non-objects. But funny is: any illusion is real.

An Illusion is recycling another Illusion. Any part of this illusion is synchronised to another part and is completely related. Love connects. Without reasons, without concepts, without reasons and without limits. Also is the reality of an illusion is love.

Funny is also that neuronal activity I form of thinking can be interrupted by singing birds.

Freyja said

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