How to change the Music Source from a Brazilian Neighbour.

The Neighbours, a traditionel Brazil Family, loves music very much, but more Brazil Popular music with traditional melodies. They listening only music with utube. When the play music, they play always loud music.

Once we was invited at their House. There I start to like them, there are super friendly. We laugher a lot, and eat small green coco. They ask me for our favourite Song. I played Naturaleza, one Remix, in utube. He was superhappy with that song. I thought, maybe this song improves the next Musicvideos in utube, because the algorithm from utube consider any new track an the future next plays, Google feeds this algorithm with this cookie from your device.

The Neighbours played Naturaleza several times. Yes.

I counted the days, waiting for the positive aspect of the algorithm… 

Right now they’re listening Free Tibet. Hahaha. Now way. How the Algorithm came to this song.

But what I not consider: They loves Eurodance very much. Fuck. All this Eurodanceversion from Songs from 90’ies. This songs they was played in the Snacks in Berlin very loud. But maybe utube will display Marusha’s Somewhere over the Rainbow. It goes in that direction. He loves melodies like this…

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