Keep Haux and let Kali do it

I find out: Any moment in happiness and any moment with problems has his own way to glide. You can’t fasten or lengthen something, so I started (not always mit success, hahaha) to enjoy any Moment. 

The most beautiful moment in this year was, when I realised hey, there is a baby developed <3

The moste terrible Moment in this year was, when I my dear brother and me fucked up with a broken car in the middle of a Bazilian rodovia without any Signal to a cellular. <3

And I’m really grateful to hold the Space and support Freyja’s pregnancy and maybe the due still in this year… yeah

And all this amazing Moments with Abhaya, Oso Blanco, Luna and Nixipae, and with all of you <3. 

I something from this crazy live I’ll write down here in my blog

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