Monthly Archive: December 2018

Keep Haux and let Kali do it

I find out: Any moment in happiness and any moment with problems has his own way to glide. You can’t fasten or lengthen something, so I started (not always mit success, hahaha) to enjoy any Moment. 

The most beautiful moment in this year was, when I realised hey, there is a baby developed <3

The moste terrible Moment in this year was, when I my dear brother and me fucked up with a broken car in the middle of a Bazilian rodovia without any Signal to a cellular. <3

And I’m really grateful to hold the Space and support Freyja’s pregnancy and maybe the due still in this year… yeah

And all this amazing Moments with Abhaya, Oso Blanco, Luna and Nixipae, and with all of you <3. 

I something from this crazy live I’ll write down here in my blog

How to change the Music Source from a Brazilian Neighbour.

The Neighbours, a traditionel Brazil Family, loves music very much, but more Brazil Popular music with traditional melodies. They listening only music with utube. When the play music, they play always loud music.

Once we was invited at their House. There I start to like them, there are super friendly. We laugher a lot, and eat small green coco. They ask me for our favourite Song. I played Naturaleza, one Remix, in utube. He was superhappy with that song. I thought, maybe this song improves the next Musicvideos in utube, because the algorithm from utube consider any new track an the future next plays, Google feeds this algorithm with this cookie from your device.

The Neighbours played Naturaleza several times. Yes.

I counted the days, waiting for the positive aspect of the algorithm… 

Right now they’re listening Free Tibet. Hahaha. Now way. How the Algorithm came to this song.

But what I not consider: They loves Eurodance very much. Fuck. All this Eurodanceversion from Songs from 90’ies. This songs they was played in the Snacks in Berlin very loud. But maybe utube will display Marusha’s Somewhere over the Rainbow. It goes in that direction. He loves melodies like this…


We meet each in 2001 and are married since 2004. Together we live with our Kids next to Alto Paraíso in Brazil.

The Reality of the Illusion

Thought may appear as clouds in the sky, but they never can describe sky itself nor deal with it. When is seen that you are the sky, the shape of the clouds does not matter, even to know that you are the sky.

You are what makes all objects knowable.

Sahaj said

Knowable objects are an illusion. When I follow this way, then I’m an illusion, everything else is an illusion, even non-objects. But funny is: any illusion is real.

An Illusion is recycling another Illusion. Any part of this illusion is synchronised to another part and is completely related. Love connects. Without reasons, without concepts, without reasons and without limits. Also is the reality of an illusion is love.

Funny is also that neuronal activity I form of thinking can be interrupted by singing birds.

Freyja said

Haux Haux

According to the indigenous people of Acre (Brazilian Amazon) Haux Haux was the first sound emitted by the jibóia (anaconda). It is normally used by the pajés (shamans) when initiating and finalizing a song or healing work, as a greeting to the people and a greeting to the spiritual dimension. Over time “haux” has become a more flexible and commonly used term, meaning a greeting, a honouring, a confirmation or a thank you.

Rudra Ayahuma Selva

Musician / DJ

My whole life I was searching for this sound that set me to free during listening and dancing. I was searching exactly for this music I do right now.

I startet with mixing music at sixteen, I mixed for example Beatles Revolution No. 9 with Deathmetalriffs and Classical music. I did this really simple with a taperecorder, which hat two seperat stereo tracks to record. Later I used this taperecorder with two turntables, and since 1994 I’m explored in Mixing with Professional DJ-Hardware like turntubles.
Since 2005 I use DJ-Software like Traktor and Ableton Live.

My music style has changed a lot, the first DJ sets I’ve had with psychedelic rock and punk rock. Then I switched to Hardcore-Gabber, Acid-Techno, House, Trance, Goatrance, Psy-trance, Ambient, Chillhouse, Progressive Trance. I had DJ sets on many parties, open airs, events in Berlin and Northern Germany, often playing as a no-name DJ. I often started with ambient music in a chillout area and made transitions to Goatrance during the set. Some parties only danced in the chill-out area.
My first set was at the Fusion Festival 2005, and my last DJ set in Germany was at the New Healing Festival in 2017. At this festival I also played my last ambient set.

I realised that the music I used before 2016 didn’t fit to my exploration in music anymore. I also delete my previous Library and sold any Vinyl. I build up a new library, with a big support from Sahaj Kaliman, with includes only Medicine Music and Electronic Music we are use in Gaia Kali Ceremonies. We called this style Deep Haux, because we used often Deep House and and Medicine Music. Medicine Music is connected with this Haux Haux.



We meet each in 2001 and are married since 2004. Together we live with our Kids next to Alto Paraíso in Brazil.


I’m the father from Oso Blanco, Luna Moon and Matheo Tawai, he will be born in the next days.